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Keep Choosing Toxic Partners? Read This – Its All About Times

When Cinda fell in love with Bob, she didn’t bother taking him to meet her parents because she already knew they would disapprove. Bob was 20 years her senior, plus she figured he was too debonair for her parents’ liking. She did introduce Bob to her friends, though. Her girlfriends loved him. They were impressed… Read More »

7 Ways Cheating is Toxic for Both You and Your Partner

Guys, it’s time that I level with you. Cheating is bad. That’s pretty obvious. But did you know that it can affect you just as much, if not more than it can affect your significant other? You probably didn’t think about that part. Well, neither did I. Here’s why cheating is toxic for both you… Read More »

How Toxic Relationships Compare to Addictions

I think without ever actually realizing, he was breaking me under the surface.That’s what they say an addiction is, not actually knowing how bad the situation has come to. It’s not having any ability to see the effect. But everyone around you does. “It’s not healthy,” I’d hear in a repetitive chorus. It’s only when… Read More »