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7 Ways to Get What You Want in 2016

Are you ready to get what you want in 2016? If so, it’s a good idea to do more than choose a New Year’s resolution. In fact, British psychologist Richard Wiseman discovered in his study that 88% of New Year’s resolutions are broken. Rather than announcing your resolution at a New Year’s Eve party and then quickly… Read More »

These 10 Babies Will Show You The Correct Expression Of Emojis

We all add emojis at the end of our texts in order to make them more lively and showing our facial expressions through messages. However, different emojis can add different emotions to your text and if you use them wrongly, the recipients might get the wrong message and lead you to a big trouble my friend. Luckily,we… Read More »

Why Do We Fear the Unknown?

When I think broadly of the fear of the unknown what immediately comes to mind is eighteenth century born English poet and printmaker William Blake and one of his quotes, “If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, Infinite”. He went on to elaborate, “For man has closed… Read More »

System Overload: How to Deal With Feeling Overwhelmed

We live in a world riddled by choice — the first world, that is. There is so much opportunity at our fingertips, it makes decisions sometimes seem impossible. The more uncertain we are about our choices, the more our system becomes overloaded and overwhelmed. Too many choices lead to overwhelm and indecision, which leads to self-doubt.… Read More »

5 Things to Remember While Job Searching

Job searching is tough. It involves resume writing, hunting down job listings, networking, more resume writing, creating cover letters, dressing well for interviews, and, at the core of it, interviewing. It is often said that job hunting, at times, is essentially a job in itself. In order to keep your spirits up during your job… Read More »