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10 Things Anyone Who Loves An Introvert Needs To Know

Introverts often find themselves in romantic relationships with extroverts, despite their fundamental differences in temperament. Perhaps it’s because they balance each other out. Introverts (or “innies”) ― who gain energy by spending time alone ― are drawn to extroverts because of their easy-breezy social nature. Extroverts (or “outies”) ― who recharge their batteries by spending time… Read More »

60-second relationship boosts for everyone in your life

t’s not a secret, it’s science: good relationships are a major source of happiness in our lives. As healthy adults, we have relationships with friends, parents, spouses, partners, children and ourselves, to name a few. But like anything important, all of them sometimes require work and tune-ups. If you want to quickly warm up your… Read More »

7 Ways you can do at Home to relieve Gas during Pregnancy

Expecting a baby? Congratulations!  How exciting!  Perhaps you’ve already started planning the wonderful days ahead with a cute little bundle of joy in your life.  And yet, you are not there though. Like everything else in life, it comes with not-so-pretty side of it as well. Alas, Gas!  While you walk around as a proud… Read More »