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Finding Exercise Motivation When You're Depressed

I know exercise is supposed to help me fight depression, but how can I find the motivation to work out when I’m depressed? Depression definitely can make it hard to find the motivation for exercise (among other things) because loss of interest in normal activities, along with the ability to enjoy them, is often one… Read More »

To Those I’ve Hurt While Depressed

  I’m sorry. I know those two words seem so small, and they are. They are nothing more than nine simple, basic characters, but I don’t know where else to start so I’m sorry; I’m so sorry. There are things I’m not sorry for, things I can’t be sorry for. I’m not sorry for my illness.… Read More »


Depression can be difficult to manage effectively, even when you’re receiving professional help. As well as negative emotions, sufferers may also experience fatigue, aches and pains, forgetfulness and general malaise. These supplements can support your mood and ameliorate the other distressing symptoms of depression, helping you to cope more effectively. 1) Vitamin D The body… Read More »

Overcoming Depression to have a Happy Marriage

Depression is a very important topic that hits close to home for so many people, including myself. It is true that depression in marriage can be a real trial for both the spouse with depression and the spouse that is trying to understand and help. Because this is such an important topic, we wanted to get real… Read More »