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7 Ways Magnesium Helps with Chronic Pain

Our bodies are a little bit like automobiles (I’m a 65’ Ford Mustang, of course). We come in all shapes and sizes – and whether we like our make and model or not, there’s no denying we’re really something special. Of course, as the years go by and we log more and more miles, problems… Read More »

Living with Chronic Pain

Today is my son’s preschool graduation. I should have woken up and been able to join in the excitement with him. Instead I wake up with that feeling of dread, anxiety and disappointment. Not because of the graduation, not because of my son… but because yet again I won’t be present for another important event.… Read More »

Chronic Pain and Relationships

    Chronic pain can be hard to manage for a variety of reasons, but it also has a trickle-down effect on personal relationships. Dealing with long-term pain is, no doubt, difficult enough by itself, but it can also alienate people from friends and family. It is important to both foster and maintain those relationships.… Read More »

When I Talk to People About My Chronic Pain

I can remember being 8 years old, telling my mom that all my bones hurt, going to multiple doctors and never having anything to explain my endless pain. A diagnosis wouldn’t change my pain; it would just give a reason for it. So, when the doctor recently told me the only thing left was fibromyalgia, at… Read More »

7 Ways To Deal With Chronic Pain

Try These Options If You Suffer With Chronic Pain 1. Natural Pain Relief Pain relief does not only come in a bottle of pills. When you have chronic pain you have to take care of yourself with natural pain relievers like ice, heat and warm baths, even a spa bath, Jacuzzi or hot tub, if… Read More »

What it’s Like to Live with Chronic Pain

You may have noticed that I haven’t been up to much this month. Part of that is due to lots of changes happening here, (good changes!), but part of that is due to the massive amounts of pain I have been in. I am one of 100 Million Americans that suffer from some form of… Read More »