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How To Relax At Home In 3 Simple Steps

When the body needs relaxation after a long week, the mind might crave a weekend at the spa. But yoga expert Rachelle Paquette says your home has everything you need if you seek R&R. Rather than blowing your cash on facials and hot-stone massages, Paquette suggests investing in epsom salts to sooth muscle pain. “It’s… Read More »

Food Allergy Death Talk STORY OF A INNOCENT GIRL

It was a gorgeous fall day for the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis (FAAN) walk in Chicago.  The kids were busy collecting allergen-friendly food samples and coloring pages.  There was music playing and the kids packed the stage to dance together.  They felt a common bond with the other children there.  There was excitement; they felt… Read More »

Song Stories – “I Wrote a Song About Allergies”

Welcome to my first “Song Stories” post! This is something I’ve meant to do for a long time as I often receive questions about my songs and the stories behind them. It’s fun for me to reminisce about writing my songs because song-writing to me is like collecting old pictures. They provide memories and a snapshot of… Read More »

How To Love A Family With Food Allergies

It’s been almost six years since my son (through a series of scary events) was diagnosed with food allergies. For a long time, I kept getting this thought: you should write a blog post to tell people what it’s like to deal with food allergies. I kept getting this nudge over and over, but I… Read More »

Tips for Traveling With Food Allergies

My daughter is allergic to tree nuts, and so far we’ve been able to manage them well.  She avoids all products with obvious nuts and when in doubt we ask.  But, when we recently traveled out of the country to the Cayman Islands, I did have some concerns.  We’d be eating foods that weren’t as… Read More »

The Essential Food Allergy Substitution Guide

So many kids have food allergies, and as a parent it can make it difficult to find recipes that suite the needs of your family.  Even if a recipe looks amazing and fits most of your child’s dietary needs, there is something that may need to be substituted in order for your child to be… Read More »


HAVE EMERGENCY MEDICINES READY   Do not get lax about bringing your emergency medicines with you. This sounds like a no-brainer but you would be surprised at how many people leave home without their emergency medicines. You can put them in a case that hangs from a belt loop or keep them in a purse… Read More »